Paint protection film or PPF is a clear film made of thermoplastic urethane which is applied to painted surfaces on vehicles and boats in order to protect paint from minor damages such as stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions. Clear Bra is extremely resistant and protective from scratches and chips from rocks or any kind of road debris. With PPF, you will feel at ease when driving open roads.


Less Maintenance

Our coating creates a slick surface which makes contaminates such as dirt, tar and bugs less likely to stick to the car’s film. This will also make for less frequent and less labor intensive washing on the applied areas.

Protect the Surface

Bird droppings, tree sap and other elements can etch away the paint on your car, our coating will significantly slow down this process.

Extended Lifespan

Our coating offers UV protection as well as preventing contaminants from entering the porous surfce, this increases the film’s longevity by greatly minimizing the yellowing process. You will have a clearer film for an extended period of time.


Full Car

The Clear Bra Philadelphia Full Car package will provide your vehicle with the ultimate paint protection coverage that lasts. Scotchguard 3M film will protect your vehicle from the hazardous elements on the road including rock chips, scratches, stains and more. Your vehicle will have a self-healing effect once we have installed the PPF film. 10 Year Warranty included.

Full Front Kit

The Clear Bra Full Front package will add paint protection film to the entire hood, full fender coverage, bumper, front of side mirrors, headlights and rear luggage area. 10 Year warranty included by Scotchguard 3M, the best paint protection film on the market. It will protect covered areas from rock chips, minor scratches, bird droppings, bug guts, and air pollution. It will never leave the film stained or yellow, unlike lower quality alternatives.

Partial Kit

The Clear Bra Partial Kit includes coverage of your front bumper, ⅓ of your hood, ⅓ of your fenders, side mirrors and headlights. We custom cut the film to perfectly fit select areas of your vehicle. Scotchguard 3M Paint Protection Film features superior impact protection for whatever stands between you and the open road. 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty included.

Bumper and Headlights

The Clear Bra Bumper and Headlights package will provide select areas of your vehicle with the best protection against rock chips. Clear Bra is an invisible polyurethane film that layers on top of your vehicle’s paint to provide a sacrificial layer of protection. Protect the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle with our Scotchguard 3M Bumper and Headlights package.


The products we offer are meticulously tested and proven to perform under the harshest conditions around while maintaining the best possible appearance. Trust Scotchguard 3M to be the only thing between your vehicle’s paint and the open road.

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