Searching for your one-stop auto shop that offers premium auto detailing Princeton and Buck County services? Look no further than your experts at Auto Cosmedics. We offer a variety of auto detail services that your vehicle craves to stay in pristine condistion. We are experts in Ceramic Pro, Clear Bra, auto detailing, paint correction, paintless dent repair, headlight restoration and interior repair. Whatever condition your vehicle is in, our team can handle it. We guarantee quality in all of our work. Our family-owned and operation auto shop wants to ensure your vehicle looks its best when we are done with. Learn more about our services below. Your search for the best auto detailing Princeton and Buck County offers, ends with our team at Auto Cosmedics. Request a free quote here.


Paintless Dent Repair

Process of using special hand made tools to push, pull, and massage dents out of your panels. Almost all door dings, ball dents, hail damage, can be removed as long as there is not paint damage.

Wheel Repair

We can repair and refinish your wheels back to new. Any curb rash, scratches, gouges are repaired and refinished.


Headlight Restoration

After many years on the road you may notice a yellowish, or fading look to your headlights. We can restore back to the original clarity. It will allow you to see much better at night, and be seen much easier. It will make your freshly detailed vehicle look much nicer.

Interior Repair

We do a number of interior repairs. Cigarette burns, scuff marks from children, pets, lumber, skis. Carpet tears, leather rips, stains.


We can remove almost all scratches as long as it is not through the paint. If it is we can use are touch up system to try and make your scratch and chips as undetectable as possible without having your car painted in a body shop.

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