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When it comes to car detailing Philadelphia and Buck's County, no one offers better quality service than our team of detail experts. We are a small family-owned and operated business first started in September 1994 as an auto detailing shop only, primarily for used car dealerships. After several years we moved into subcontracting detail centers for bigger new car dealerships. We honed our craft and continued to add services over the next 25 years to where we are today.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your automobile cosmetic needs. We operate 3 detailing centers, only one is open to the public for appointment-only services. We can't wait to serve you.

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We Treat Every Customer Like Family

Unmatched Quality of Service

Our team at Auto Cosmedics goes above and beyond to ensure our customer’s are satisfied with our work. We do not settle for anything other than perfection.

True Industry Innovators

Auto Cosmedics is one of the leading auto detail pioneers in Langhorne and the surrounding areas. We stay on top of the newest technologies emerging in the ever-so-changing auto detailing industry.

Ultimate Paint Protection

We use the best performing protection products on the market. Ceramic Pro preserves your vehicle’s surface in even the harshest of elements. We Carry Scotchguard 3M Clear bra film that provides superior durability and clarity to protect your paint.


Ceramic Pro and Clear Bra will provide your vehicle with the auto paint protection it needs to stay protected from the hazardous elements on the road. Adding paint protection is vital to prolonging the life of your vehicle. We offer several paint protection packages that include warranties. Ceramic Pro is the leading paint protection coating in the auto industry. We offer a variety of Ceramc Pro packages to fit every customer’s needs from Ceramic Pro Gold, Ceramic Pro Silver, Ceramic Pro Bronze, and Ceramic Pro Sport. It will give your vehicle hydrophobic properties that will make cleaning your vehicle or boat an easy task. Clear Bra provides the best protection against rock chips without damaging your vehicle’s paint. Both Ceramic Pro and Clear Bra offer the ultimate value and protection for your vehicle’s surface. Protect your investment today! 

We take great pride in using the highest quality products out on the market and that’s why we are certified installers of Scotchguard 3M paint protection film. All our Clear Bra packages include a manufacturer’s warranty. Prior to adding paint protection to your vehicle, we recommend getting our paint correction package to ensure your vehicle’s paint is restored to its factory settings. Adding Ceramic Pro will give your paint added shine and gloss, making it scratch resistant, heat resistant and more! We are certified installers of Ceramic Pro and guarantee quality in all of our work. With over a decade of experience in providing premium auto detailing Philadelphia and to the surrounding areas, we know how to protect your vehicle the right way. We use the proper tools and care to ensure your vehicle is taken care of. Protect your paint the right way.

What our clients say

Car Detailing Philadelphia

When it comes to car detailing Philadelphia, Buck’s County and the surrounding areas, no one matches the quality of service and expertise as our experts at Auto Cosmedics. We have over a decade of experience in providing premium auto detailing and paint protection services to Buck’s County. We have a passion for automotive perfection and will spend the time necessary to get your vehicle there. Experts in Ceramic Pro, Clear Bra, auto detailing and paint correction. Call today to protect your investment the right way.

We Service Buck’s County & the Surrounding Areas 

When it comes to paint protection that lasts, Ceramic Pro is your answer. Here at Auto Cosmedics, we are certified installers of Ceramic Pro. We spend a great deal of money on our vehicles, so why not keep them protected from the hazardous elements they come into contact with. Ceramic Pro adds a layer of protection to keep your paint protected from scratches, rock chips, bugs, dirt, and debris.

Industry Leaders

Ceramic Pro uses nano-technology that was originally designed to protect government buildings. This technology quickly swept over the auto industry and is now the leader when it comes to paint protection for your car’s exterior. It will add hydrophobic properties to your vehicle making dirt and grime slide right off and will keep your maintenance at an all-time low.

Here at Auto Cosmedics, we know how much time and money you put into keeping your car looking its best and that’s why we are advocates of Ceramic Pro. We offer premium car detailing Philadelphia services prior to Ceramic Pro installation. Adding a layer of Ceramic Pro to your vehicle will help keep your vehicle protected and keep your car in great condition so it will maintain its value.

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Come see our expert staff at Auto Cosmedics to protect your vehicle’s paint from the hazardous elements in comes into contact with. We offer several different packages including Ceramic Pro Gold (Lifetime warranty), Ceramic Pro Silver (5-year warranty), Ceramic Pro Bronze (2-year warranty) and Ceramic Pro Sport (6-month warranty). Whether you’re looking to dip your feet with ceramic coating protection or want protection for life, we have a package perfect for you!

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